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think music making and creation meets artist development


Music Creation Services

Songwriting and ghost collaboration. Music production. Mixing. Mastering. Music videos. Artist photography. Project and artist branding. Websites. PR. You have the unified vision - we have the unified team.

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From the Music Industry Development Initiatives to limited 6-Week Songwriting Programs, Music Co offers specialist time-sensitive programs from professionals for the upcoming and developing artist to perfect their practice and engage in real industry initiatives.

Ensembles & Troupes

A collaborative space for like-minded creatives to engage in development and performance, our ensembles for under 18's and troupes for 18+ allow artists to come together in a collaborative, practice-led space like no other.

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Creative Coaching

The artist's journey twists and turns. Creative coaching allows artists to make their sessions versatile, whether it be voice one day, songwriting the next, and artist development and marketing after that. Don't just master one aspect - master the creative craft.

Specialist Coaching

Sessions dedicated to your specialist area of practice, whether it be voice, songwriting, stage performance, instrument - our coaches provide specified training and development for your creative practice needs.

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Live Music



From our Songfest and Starter Sessions, Listening Sessions, and extended development opportunities, Wild Heart Music Co has a range of performance and showcase opportunities for independent artists all year round.

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Wild Masterclass

Looking for a one-off initiative led by an industry expert to further your professional development and practice? Whether it be voice care, industry tips, the workings of the road, and so much more, Wild Heart facilitates masterclasses all year round.

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